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Getting Medical Care and Employer Choice

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After you are injured in a workplace accident, you will need medical treatment. But the Iowa workers’ compensation system has rules regarding this treatment. Many workers aren’t aware of their rights when filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Paul McAndrew Law Firm, PLLC helps injured workers get the medical care they need.

In the state of Iowa, employers are required to provide medical treatment for workers hurt in an on-the-job accident. This treatment must be prompt and reasonable, without any major inconvenience for the workers. But the employer also chooses the doctor who will provide that treatment.

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The system doesn’t always work for workers

The problem with this arrangement is that the doctor is not always acting in the best interests of the injured worker, but rather the insurance company that is paying the bill. That’s why attorney Paul McAndrew pays close attention to the care you receive and often insists on getting a second opinion.

If Paul feels you are not receiving the treatment you need, he may file an alternate medical care application with the Iowa Division of Workers’ Compensation. Injured workers are allowed to change doctors, and in some cases choose their own, if:

  • The provided care is inappropriate.
  • A doctor does not have the skill or specialization to properly treat your injury or illness.
  • The provided care is not sufficient, and you are not getting better.
  • You question the diagnosis and/or treatment plan.

Attorney Paul McAndrew knows how to build a strong case for alternate care, with supporting documentation and medical assessments from doctors and experts. His main concern is whether or not you are getting the appropriate medical care that you need for your illness or injury under the workers’ compensation system.

Another option is to pursue a second opinion through the claims process. An employer-provided doctor will issue an impairment rating. This is reflection of the extent of your injury that is used to determine the amount of compensation. If the impairment rating is too low, you can request a second opinion from a doctor you choose.

Some attorneys try to quickly settle your workers’ compensation claim without stopping to consider if it will meet your needs. Paul McAndrew is not interested in playing nice with insurance adjusters to get a quick settlement. He is only interested in a resolution of your claim that gives you all the medical care you need and the partial wages you deserve.

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