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Dealing With The Iowa Division of Workers’ Compensation

A workers’ compensation attorney with a track record of results

In Iowa, disputes over workers’ compensation claims are common. An injured worker submits a claim for benefits, which employers and insurance companies can challenge. These disputes are handled by the Iowa Division of Workers’ Compensation. Paul McAndrew Law Firm, PLLC builds a strong case for injured workers to help them get the benefits they deserve.

The Division of Workers’ Compensation is run by a commissioner, with deputy commissioners who make decisions on claims. Common reasons initial claims are denied include:

  • Missed deadlines
  • Determination that injury was not work-related
  • Injury was not severe enough to be eligible for benefits
  • Drug or alcohol use was a factor in injury
  • Injured worker was not an employee
  • Injury related to a pre-existing condition

Free Case Consultation

If your claim is denied, you will be given a reason for the decision. You then have the right to appeal the denial, first in a hearing in front of a deputy commissioner. But you need to make a convincing case why the initial denial was wrong and why you deserve benefits.

That’s why it’s important to have an experienced workers’ compensation attorney on your side. One who knows how to gather evidence that builds a strong case for overturning a denial of benefits. A lawyer thoroughly familiar with the workers’ compensation claims process and dedicated to getting you the benefits you deserve.

Fighting for your rights

Attorney Paul McAndrew has been helping injured workers in Iowa for decades. He has represented clients in countless hearings and appeals and knows what it takes to get results. He can investigate your on-the-job accident, gather evidence and interview witnesses to prove your claim for benefits should be approved.

Paul will also fight for you if your claim was approved, but you received fewer benefits than you deserve. He believes you should be getting nothing less than the full amount of benefits you are entitled to while you recover from your injury.

But the workers’ compensation system favors employers and insurance companies. And they will take every opportunity and excuse to pay you as little as possible. Paul knows how to navigate the claims process to get you fair treatment during all hearings and appeals at the Division of Workers’ Compensation.

Don’t navigate the workers’ compensation claims process alone. Get attorney Paul McAndrew in your corner to fight for your benefits. Call 319-887-1690 for a free consultation.