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What To Do If You Can’t Return To Work

An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help

Some work injuries leave workers unable to return to their jobs. The state of Iowa provides vocational rehabilitation benefits to help these workers find new employment. But the claims process can be very difficult to navigate. Paul McAndrew Law Firm, PLLC helps injured workers get the benefits they deserve so they can find a new job.

After being injured in a workplace accident, it may take some time before it is determined whether or not you can return to your job. It depends on the types of injury, how well you respond to treatment and other factors. But following a medical evaluation, it may be determined that you are no longer able to perform the duties of your job.

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But you still have the right to earn a living, and vocational rehabilitation benefits can help you transition into a new career. Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services (IVRS) helps injured workers prepare for, obtain and maintain employment. Their services include:

  • Training
  • Education
  • Skills analysis
  • Resume assistance
  • Help filling out job application
  • Interview coaching
  • Assistance locating job opportunities
  • Counseling

Vocational rehabilitation benefits are limited and claims must be approved by the Iowa Division of Workers’ Compensation. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you fill out the necessary forms and submit medical evidence that proves you are eligible. An attorney can also help you make sure you get the help you need when finding a new job.

Attorney Paul McAndrew has been helping injured workers in Iowa for decades. He knows the impact a work injury can have on workers and their families, especially if it leaves the worker out of a job. Medical expenses keep rising, and there is less income coming in. Families struggle to make ends meet and the future seems uncertain.

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The workers’ compensation system in Iowa favors employers and insurance companies. They may challenge your claim for benefits – for example, by suggesting your injury does not leave you unable to return to work. Attorney Paul McAndrew knows the tactics they use and does not put up with them.

Our firm is dedicated to helping workers get all the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve so they can rebuild their lives. This includes vocational rehabilitation benefits to help injured workers find a new job. Our focus is on helping your resolve your claim in a way that meets your needs – nothing less.

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