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Iowa City Work Injuries

Injured Iowa City Workers Rely on Attorney Paul McAndrew

An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer who demands what’s fair

People in Iowa City work hard to support themselves and their loved ones, but when they suffer from work injuries their whole lives can be turned upside down, and they may need a workers’ compensation lawyer to help them get back on track. Paul McAndrew Law Firm, PLLC is a proud advocate for the rights of Iowa City’s injured workers and has the knowledge and experience to get you the benefits you’re entitled to after your work accident.

Attorney Paul McAndrew knows firsthand how hard it can be for an Iowa City worker to get hurt at work. You may be going through a lot on a physical, emotional, and financial level, and when insurance companies and employers don’t play fair, the road ahead may seem like an impossible obstacle to overcome. When this happens, it’s time to let an Iowa City workers’ compensation attorney with a record of results get to work for you.

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How a workers’ compensation lawyer can help after you’re hurt at work

Work injuries and illnesses can happen suddenly, or they may develop over time. You may suffer an unexpected head injury from an object that accidentally falls at your workplace, or you may develop a disease from being exposed to hazardous materials over a long period of time. In either example, the injured worker is probably entitled to workers’ compensation. Other common work injuries include:

When you suffer from a work injury in Iowa City, you may need medical attention in the form of hospitalization, surgery, medication, and physical therapy. Medical expenses from tests, doctor appointments, and treatment can soon become astronomical, and trying to figure out how to pay these bills while you’re not working or receiving income can cause worry and stress. A skilled Iowa City workers’ compensation attorney can help relieve some of your stress and help get rid of your worries by fighting for fair benefits.

Injured on the job? Get an Iowa City workers’ comp lawyer on your side

To pay you as little as possible for your work injuries, employers and insurance companies will often challenge your claim. After your work accident, employers have the right to choose which doctor you see for care and all too often these doctors don’t have what’s best for you as their top priority. Insurance companies can also question the severity of your work injuries and deny compensation for different medical care, no matter how bad you may need the treatment.

Attorney Paul McAndrew is no stranger to these unfair practices, and he knows how to fight to hold employers and insurance companies accountable for their responsibilities. A workers’ compensation lawyer dedicated to protecting the rights of Iowa City’s injured workers, Attorney Paul McAndrew can gather evidence to build a strong case so that you get the benefits you deserve. If you’ve sustained work injuries in Iowa City and need workers’ compensation, it’s time to get the Paul McAndrew Law Firm, PPLC in your corner. Contact us for a free consultation.