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Brain Injuries

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Some of the most serious work injuries are injuries to the head. The concern is that this may also cause a brain injury, which can have a devastating effect on a person’s life. At Paul McAndrew Law Firm, PLLC, we are dedicated to helping workers with brain injuries get the treatment they need and the benefits they deserve.

Workers’ compensation attorney Paul McAndrew knows the impact a brain injury can have on workers and their families. They suffer physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. Injured workers may be left temporarily – or permanently – disabled. The cost of treatment for these work injuries can become overwhelming. And with the loss of income, many families struggle.

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A brain injury can happen after a car or truck crash, falling from a height, being struck by an object, or during an act of workplace violence. While some workers face a higher risk of this type of injury, it can happen on any type of job.

Serious injuries demand strong legal action

There are generally two types of head injuries. In a closed head injury, there is a blow to the head, but little or no damage to the skull. In an open head injury, an object penetrates the skull. Both types of head injuries can result in damage to the brain.

This damage often comes in the form of a traumatic brain injury (TBI). This often leads to a loss of brain function in injured workers. There may be difficulty with vision, balance, memory and reasoning skills, and the expression and understanding of thoughts. There may also be trouble regulating emotions, as well as personality changes. A worker with a TBI may not be able to return to work for a long time – or not at all.

Fighting for the benefits you need and deserve

In Iowa, workers who suffered a brain injury due to a workplace accident are eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. But the system favors employers and insurance companies, who typically try to pay injured workers as little as possible. Attorney Paul McAndrew helps injured workers navigate the claims process to get them the benefits they deserve.

Paul has dedicated his practice to workers’ compensation cases, and he has helped countless workers and their families. He knows the impact a brain injury can have on workers and their families. That’s why he fights to get them the best resolution of their claim that is possible. He is not interested in a quick lowball settlement with the insurance company. He won’t settle for less than a resolution of your claim that meets your needs.

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