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Work Injuries

We don’t settle for less when workers get hurt

Nobody expects to be injured at work. But every year, workers across Iowa suffer from work-related injuries or illness. Iowa’s workers’ compensation system is supposed to help, but it gives employers and insurance companies the upper hand. Paul McAndrew Law Firm, PLLC fights on behalf of injured workers to help them get the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve, nothing less.

Workers’ compensation attorney Paul McAndrew has been helping injured workers for decades. He knows the impact an injury can have on workers and their families. He has seen how employers and insurance companies operate to keep payments as low as possible. That’s why he has dedicated his practice to helping injured workers get fair treatment.

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Some workplace injuries happen suddenly when there’s an on-the-job accident. A fall from a height, a slip-and-fall accident, being struck by a heavy object, or being involved in a motor vehicle crash. One minute, a worker feels fine. The next minute, the worker has a serious injury.

But other injuries – and sometimes, illness – occur gradually over time. Repeating the same motion every day for years tears down muscles and ligaments in the body. Exposure to loud noise results in hearing loss. Exposure to hazardous chemicals leads to cancer. By the time the worker realizes that workplace conditions are negatively affecting health, the damage is done.

Types of work injuries

Examples of work injuries include:

Workers may require extensive medical treatment for their injuries or illness. This may include medical testing, surgery, hospitalization, medication, physical therapy, multiple doctor appointments and equipment such as wheelchairs or home hospital beds. Their medical expenses skyrocket while they lose income because they can’t work.

Fighting back when you aren’t treated fairly

Iowa’s workers’ compensation system is designed to pay the cost of all reasonable and necessary medical expenses for their work-related injuries or illnesses. In addition, they are eligible to receive partial wages while they are unable to return to work.

It sounds simple, but it’s not. Employers and insurance companies routinely challenge claims and try to keep payments to a minimum. Employers choose your doctor, who likely does not have your best interests in mind. Insurance companies challenge the extent of your injury and the need for certain treatment.

Attorney Paul McAndrew knows the tactics employers and insurance companies use to avoid responsibility. And he knows how to tilt things in your favor. He investigates your workplace injury or illness, gathering evidence to build a strong case that can’t be ignored. He fights to get you the benefits you should be getting, whether through negotiation or litigation.

If you were injured at work in Iowa City, learn how workers’ compensation lawyer Paul McAndrew can help you get what you deserve for your work injury.

By your side, every step of the way

If the doctor chosen by the employer is not giving you adequate care, Paul will petition the Iowa Division of Workers’ Compensation to get you a new doctor. If insurance companies say you are ready to return to work when you are still recovering, he will fight their determination. Paul provides aggressive representation to fight for your rights, at all hearings, appeals and court proceedings.

Our firm believes you should get the full amount of workers’ compensation benefits allowable. We are not interested in playing nice with insurance companies to reach a quick settlement that leaves you shortchanged.

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