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Helping injured workers throughout Iowa

You’ve been hurt at work. You have injuries that require medical treatment. Expenses are adding up fast. You can’t go back to work because of your injury. Now, you have no income coming in. Many people aren’t sure what to do next. Paul McAndrew Law Firm, PLLC knows. That’s because we help injured workers get the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve.

Iowa workers’ compensation attorney Paul McAndrew has been fighting for injured workers for decades. He knows the impact a workplace injury can have on you and your family. Bills don’t stop coming. Making ends meet becomes harder. You may not know how you’re going to get through this difficult time in your life.

Paul knows the last thing you need right now is another bill. That’s why he offers a free consultation for injured workers. He’ll review the details of your work injury and go over your options. He’ll explain what types of workers’ compensation benefits you can expect. He will also answer any questions you have. No cost. No obligation.

Putting our experience to work for you

Paul McAndrew has decades of experience helping injured workers. Some people might say you don’t need a lawyer to file a workers’ compensation claim in Iowa. Technically, that’s true. For the best chance of recovering the benefits you deserve, however, you need an attorney on your side who knows how to get results.

In some ways, the workers’ compensation system in Iowa favors employers and insurance companies. Your employer chooses the doctor you see. The insurance company can deny medical care and monetary benefits for completely baseless reasons. Paul knows how to build a strong case for you that your employer and the insurance company have to take seriously.

Paul is ready to fight for you at all trials and appeals. He will fight for you in court, where he has won significant awards for clients. Many times, he is able to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company. But he is only interested in a settlement that meets your needs.

If you’ve been injured at work, learn more about how Paul McAndrew can help you recover workers’ compensation benefits. Whatever happened, whatever industry you work in, Paul can help. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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