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Many construction workers work directly with or around electricity. And despite following safety precautions, sometimes there is an accident that leads to the electrocution of a worker. Paul McAndrew Law Firm, PLLC fights for the rights of injured workers in Iowa and helps them get the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve.

Defective power tools, exposed wiring, frayed cords or contact with high voltage power lines can all lead to electrical injuries on a construction site. But whether the cause was related to negligence or defective equipment, the result is a worker left with serious injuries.

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A worker can be injured in several different ways by electrical current in a construction accident. During electrical shock, the current can damage muscle and cause heart problems and breathing difficulties. The current can leave burns on the skin. And if the worker was on scaffolding or a ladder, there can be additional injuries from falling to the ground.

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An electrical injury on a construction site could happen due to contact with a defective power tool, exposed wiring, frayed cords or high voltage power lines. This contact could happen due to negligence or the use of defective equipment. In either case, the result is the same. A worker is exposed to an electrical current and sustains a serious injury.

Workers injured by electrical current will need medical treatment, and the expenses can quickly become overwhelming in a short period of time. In addition, there is no income coming in while they are unable to work because of their injuries.

The workers’ compensation system in Iowa is supposed to help injured workers by covering the cost of reasonable and necessary treatment, and providing them with partial disability payments while they are unable to work. But in reality, it is rarely that simple.

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The system favors employers and insurance companies, and both know how to keep payments as low as possible. That’s why you need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney in your corner who will look out for your best interests and fight any attempts to pay you less than what you deserve.

Under the workers’ compensation system, you are required to see a doctor chosen by the employer. We insist on getting another medical opinion. Insurance companies may try to downplay your injury. We can prove it’s more serious than they’re suggesting. Insurance companies might deny treatment. We’ll fight for your right for necessary treatment.

If you suffered an electrical injury on the job in Iowa, get an experienced workers’ compensation attorney on your side. Call Paul McAndrew at 319-887-1690 for a free consultation today.