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An Iowa Attorney Discusses Job-Related Rotator Cuff Injuries

Whether you’re a painter, carpenter, construction worker or warehouse employee, your job may require repetitive lifting and reaching. You may have engaged in physical labor for years without experiencing any work injuries.

But gradually you start feeling a dull ache in one of your shoulders. The ache eventually turns to acute pain that worsens every time you move your arm in a certain direction. If you experience this type of pain and discomfort in your shoulder, you may have sustained a rotator cuff injury.

How serious is a rotator cuff injury?

Your rotator cuff is made up of a group of muscles and tendons that connect your arm to your shoulder. A rotator cuff injury doesn’t just happen in an instant. It can take years of normal wear and tear and often develops with repetitive overhead reaching.

According to WebMD, this type of injury can occur in two ways:

  • Partial tear: The tendon in the upper part of your shoulder has a small tear. This can generally be treated with rest and physical therapy.
  • Complete tear: The tendon tears off the bone or directly through the tissue. This may require surgery or extensive treatment.

When a rotator cuff injury occurs, you may experience difficulty raising your arm, limited range of motion, or general weakness in your shoulder. The discomfort may also keep you awake at night.

Diagnosing and treating this type of injury usually requires:

  • MRI
  • X-ray
  • Prescribed pain medication
  • Exercises to strengthen your shoulder

Am I eligible for workers’ compensation?

Recovering from a rotator cuff injury can take time. If you continue performing your job, your condition will only worsen. The medical bills and time away from work can be costly. That’s why it’s important that you understand your rights as an injured worker. That’s why you should contact Paul McAndrew Law Firm, PLLC.

You may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, however, obtaining them isn’t easy. Insurance companies are quick to deny claims, especially if you don’t have enough evidence proving that your injury was job-related.

That’s why you need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney on your side who understands how the system works. Attorney Paul McAndrew will negotiate with insurance companies for a fair settlement, so you can focus on recovery.

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