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When workers get hurt on the job, their lives can change quickly. Often, they are left with serious injuries and mounting medical bills. And if they are unable to return to work, there is no money coming in. Many struggle to hold on to their homes, their vehicles, and their way of life. The state's workers' compensation system is supposed to help, but often lets workers down. A workers’ compensation lawyer can help you get back up.

Iowa workers’ compensation attorney Paul McAndrew knows what you're going through. That's because he has been fighting on behalf of injured workers in Iowa for more than 30 years. As your lawyer, he will work to turn things around so you are treated fairly. His focus is on getting you the medical care and disability benefits you need to help you through this difficult time.

Our firm represents injured workers throughout the state of Iowa. We also represent workers who live outside the state, such as truck drivers and construction workers hurt in Iowa or while working for Iowa employers.

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Atty. Paul McAndrew

Atty. Paul McAndrew

Meet Paul McAndrew

Born and raised in Kalona, Iowa, Paul turned to the law so he could help people in need. He decided to focus on workers' compensation law after seeing how many workers were exploited by employers and insurance companies after suffering a work injury.

Paul helps injured workers in manufacturing, agriculture, construction, health care, trucking, sales, air travel and many other industries. He quickly identifies the parties working against his clients and takes action to make things right. When the lives of clients are disrupted due to a work injury, he goes out of his way to get the resources they need to make it through.

Distance is not anissue Anywhere in Iowa, Paul can help

Outside of his practice, Paul is very active in groups and committees that deal with workers' compensation. He is a frequently published author and educator on the topic. He has also been selected by peers as among the "Best Lawyers In America" in the field of workers' compensation law.

We make insurance companies play by the rules

The workers' compensation system is supposed to help you after you've been hurt on the job. Instead, insurance companies will try to pay you as little as possible. They'll come up will all kinds of excuses to deny your benefits. To them, it's just business. But to you, getting the benefits you deserve means being able to pay your bills.

In the workers' compensation system in Iowa, the insurance companies control the process. Paul has seen injured workers cheated, lied to and left without any assistance. Workers are often denied the medical treatment they need. Doctors chosen by employers tell injured workers they are ready to return to work - even when they are not.

That's why Paul doesn't play around when dealing with insurance adjusters. If something seems wrong to him, he'll say it. He tells them how it is. They often don't like to hear it, but that's their problem. His main concern is getting you the benefits you should get.

  • They choose your doctor
  • They downplay your injury
  • They deny treatment
  • We demand a second opinion
  • We prove the extent of your injury
  • We champion your rights
Focused on your best possible outcome

Many attorneys handle workers' compensation claims on a volume basis. They take whatever the insurance company will give them, make some quick cash and move on to the next client. That approach doesn't help you much. Paul knows the impact your injury has had on your life and is focused on what's best for you.

Our services to clients include:


Paul reviews personnel records, medical records and accident reports. He interviews witnesses. He gets the opinion of doctors he trusts.


By building a strong case, Paul is often able to negotiate a settlement that truly meets your needs.


Paul will fight for your benefits during hearings before the Iowa Division of Workers' Compensation, and if needed, through the court system.

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An Iowa workers’ compensation lawyer will listen to your story and go over your options. Our goal is to help you get your life back on track.
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